So today my adventure into the online dating world came to a screeching hault.  I became one of those statistics – the one who was being played by a guy who looks at this site like a meat market where he feels he can have all the free samples he wanted. I played right into it. 

How did I know? Started out by finding his Facebook page where he was linked to another girl.  To his defense, he hadn’t been on the site in almost 8 months – but it was enough to plant the seed of suspicion.  I brought it up, we discussed it and I let it go…until yesterday. Was out with his friends and as I returned from the bathroom, I just happened to catch a glimpse of the text message on his phone “What ya doin’ babe?” from a girl with the same name as the “ex”.  Immediately my mood changed and he sensed it, but I held my concern til we were alone. Again he said it was nothing, and I asked for clarification on our relationship – we were seeing no one else…his words, yes – and exactly what I wanted to hear as I had seriously fallen for this one.  

I went home last night and something was eating at me so I searched online for advice – something to make me feel better. Instead, I found a girl who had set up a fake online profile to see if her boyfriend would stray. The posts were cruel, she was going to try to trap him in a lie – but reality is if he’s not going to do it, what’s the harm.  I knew the outcome as I set the profile up. My stomach ached, my heart hurt and I knew where this was going but I sent the first message and waited.

He responded…again, and again…and again!  Finally when he messaged that his last relationship had been over for 5 months and did I want to meet – I sent him a very nice message in return. 

“Funny because that’s not what you told me last night and that sure wasn’t 5 months ago. I’m not mad at you, just mad at myself for falling for this – good luck. I hope you find what you are looking for”

Needless to say, he texted me a few minutes later trying to back pedal. I want to believe him but I know its a relationship destined to fail. We live an hour apart – he has six days a week to be unfaithful and I would never be any wiser because of it.  So after 22 years with my now ex-husband, my first true dating experience turned into another heartbreak. I ended the relationship.

To the guys out there who just wanna get lucky, or have their cake and eat it too…I can only say this.  If you can sleep well knowing there are real people being hurt – good for you – but remember this…we are people and we hurt. 

…to be continued…



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